Toured 2014-16

By Neil Gore
The story of the Shrewsbury 24
Created in association with The Official Shrewsbury 24 Campaign.

In 1972 tens of thousands of building workers won the first national strike in the industry for better pay and conditions. ‘Flying Pickets’ left the contractors reeling. The Tory Government and the large building companies wanted revenge, and the ‘Shrewsbury 24’ were put on trial in the following year.



  • “Whatever your politics, this is a production worth seeing.”
    The Observer
  • “Highly recommended”
    The Morning Star
  • “Passionately delivered”
    Liverpool Echo
  • “...truthful, hilarious and entertaining from the start....”
    Nerve Magazine
  • “Very much enjoyed ‘United We Stand’ about the Shrewsbury 24 pickets. Well worth
    going to see”

    Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party