Tolpuddle Martyrs Story
Reviews Edinburgh 2013
Liz Eves nominated for best actress by The Stage 
  1. MUST SEE The Stage
    ★★★★★ Edinburgh Reporter “Very much a play to appeal to all ages”
    ★★★★★ Excellent new play on the Tolpuddle Martyrs is a five-star triumph'
    ★★★★ Fest “it's a charming, family-friendly piece that presents an important bit of history inventively and enjoyably.”
    The List ‘This utterly charming play is a delight’
    All Edinburgh Theatre ‘Magnificent entertainment’ 
    'Small but perfectly formed' Northern Echo 


Following the hit sell-out production of THE RAGGED TROUSERED PHILANTHROPISTS, Townsend Productions presents WE WILL BE FREE!, a new drama set in 1834 about the Tolpuddle Martyrs thatfollows the extraordinary true story of George and Betsy Loveless. He was a Methodist preacher and the leader of the six Dorsetshire farm labourers who were tried, convicted and condemned to harsh transportation by an oppressive Government for having the temerity to swear a secret oath and form a union to fight against a succession of wage cuts inflicted by the local landowner
This vitally important story is told using the entertaining theatrical style developed through our production of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, using live music, new and original songs with political cartoon, animation and puppetry. Again, this story resonates with modern relevance, raising questions about present day political issues through the experiences of the past.


BETSY: George, so many people have worked for your release and return to us, your family. Thousands and thousands of people, whose skills and trades make this country a great country. It is they who have made a change for the good and sought justice and freedom for you and our fine men. I wish you all, every one of you, Enough. Enough sun to keep you bright. I wish you enough rain so you wish for the sun. I wish enough happiness to keep alive your spirit. I wish you enough pain so the small joys in life seem bigger. I wish you enough gain to satisfy want. I wish you enough loss to appreciate what you possess. I wish you enough ‘hellos’ to give you strength for the final goodbye. I wish you enough, so that you wish for nothing more.

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