Townsend Productions working with Young People from Hatfield in partnership with Hertfordshire Council.

"Thank you Louise for all your hard work with the workshops and the presentation' 
Martin J. Cooke

                        Youth Connexions Team Manager (Welwyn Hatfield and Hertsmere) | Services for Young People |


Year 13 students and their teachers, Vandyke School with Neil Gore, Townsend Productions

'Townsend Productions 'United we Stand' has inspired our students to undertake their own research into Ricky Tomlinson's campaign and into the wider history of Trade Unions.  In response students deviseedIn response students devised their own pieces for their A' Level devising unit making use of a huge range of Brechtian devices including video footage of Ricky Tomlinson's campaiagn, cartoon clips demonstrating the power of collective action and incorporating their own songs and music.  The far reaching impact of Louise and Neil's work was clear to see.

Our students produced stunning, powerful drama of their own and the impact of 'United We Stand on their knowedge and learning is reflected in their performances and written portfolios about the project.

Thank you Louise and Neil you have inspired young people  to produce top quality drama themselves and encouraged them to find out more about the powerful issues raised in your work.'  Sarah Barcock (Head of Drama Vandyke School, Leighton Buzzard)

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