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**** Sets bells ringing...lightning changes...friendly brio...has a strength of it's own. Well worth catching.'          

THE TIMES(Libby Purves)

**** Excellent....warm...humorous and moving, a show with it's heart in the right place.  THREE WEEKS
****  A Well produced brilliantly acted theatre of substance.    FRINGE REVIEW
****How to turn some 600 pages of print into a fast paced piece of theatre.  Answer; take two highly tallented actors and stand well back. EDINBURGH GUIDE
**** There is some genuine poignancy, some moments of roistering cheerfulness....and the demonstration of the principles of capitalism exceptionally cleverly done. INFORMED EDINBURGH
****/*****  The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Assembly George Square. Charismatic duo depict working class trials with humour and skill. Superb. - FRINGE BISCUIT
 **** Masterpiece  BROADWAY

**** ….a riotous joy of a show  FEST MAGAZINE.