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  • Brenda Blythe

    I took my mum to see the production on March 29th-her 89th birthday- in Hastings - our home town. It was superb - involving the audience with singing along and with the Money trick was inspired. Nothing was lost with the inclusion of humour and singing - in fact the stark contrast with the pathos of the workers situation was accentuated I think. Many congratulations to Rodney and Neil - they were brilliant - as were all involvedin the production. The fact that a Hastings audience requested 2 curtain calls speaks for itself - looking forward to more productions. Keep up the good work.

  • Roger JF André

    Tressell's narrative springs to life in this amazing production. The two man performance is a masterpiece of ingenuity and wit. All the characters come alive and truly fulfil the promise of the book. A hugely entertaining evening so particularly right for our time.

  • Terry Cordrey

    I saw this at Caistor Town Hall. How are these two actors going to manage all those characters? I thought. Well they did and what an absolutely fanatastic evening it was! A very professional production and well worth the £10 0s od (worth at least double that).

  • Chris Ure

    "It is rare in a lifetime of theatre that I have come away with tears in my eyes. But that is what happened having seen the 'Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' last night at the 'Seagull Theatre' in Lowestoft.
    Tears for am emerging new beginning where there was hope. For the embryo beginnings of a Labour movement and the realisation that the working man could have strength and representation through a trade union. But tears also for a society in which that poverty and inequality still exists. For the Thatcher years of trying destroy the power and spirit of the union.
    The two performers conveyed with power and humour and passion Tessell’s dilemma of over a century ago. They were extraordinary performances in which a change of hat or a simple prop could move the characterisation from one man to another and to take us from owner to foreman to worker with ease. A string of characters to convey the politics of power and poverty in Tresell’s classic story. The depressing realisation that at times it was the working man himself who was his own worst enemy enabling his employer to exploit him and to keep him in his place.
    Towards the end of the play I found myself unable to join in any more around the time of the song ‘Two Lovely Black Eyes’. I found myself becoming too moved and preoccupied to be dispassionate about the taunting of Frank Owen by his fellow workers and the lack of understanding of the true exploitation that existed. And of course the dramatic finale, the unfolding of the flag where no words needed to be spoken.
    It was a beautifully constructed and acted play providing an extraordinary professional vehicle for two actors who clearly know their craft so well. So thank you to Rodney Matthew and Neil Gore and to the production team. If the intention was to stir the blood and to remind us all what could have happened and what nearly did happen then it succeeded in that aim. I came away with strongly mixed feelings. Feelings of passion about the continued need for social change but also feelings of despair that nothing much has changed in over a hundred years. I attended with my wife and we both thought that it was hugely compelling theatre with two truly memorable performances.
    Thank you for a great production and do please pass on our thanks to Rodney and Neil."

  • Pete

    I attended the evening performance in St Andrews on the 16th Feb. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the performance. I'm a big fan of the book and studied it for my MA dissertation, and was interested to see how it would lend itself to the stage. The production encompassed the main socio-political themes from the book and presented them in an entertaining and accessible fashion. The cast were outstanding! Thanks for a great night out

  • John Taylor

    Birnam Institute 17/02/2012. A brilliant performance. Excellent entertainment. Many thanks to all concerned.

  • Jane Ingram

    I want to say a big 'Thank you' for the production of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists presented in Hastings. Both the actors were multi-talented and had great rapport with the audience. We laughed, sang along and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Considering Hastings is the 'home' of the book, it was much appreciated by all I have spoken to who saw it. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

  • Simon Nicholls

    I saw the show last night(28/01/12) at The Tobacco Factory,it was wonderful,I have owned three copies of the book and given them away to people who were interested in reading it. Tressell wrote the book in 1910 and perhaps what is most depressing about it all....nothing has changed. Hats off (literally) to Rodney Matthew and Neil Gore for a bloody good nights entertainment.

  • David Atkin

    This production features two hugely talented actor-musicians. They are able to switch from laughter to pathos in the twinkling of an eye, taking the audience with them all the while. They transform easily from one character into another, even sharing parts. The ad-libbing and engagement with the audience underlines the confidence they have in each other and in their own abilities. The production itself deals with very serious issues in a manner that is never preachy. It is fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining, with an innovative set and great lighting.

  • John O.Donnell

    I seen this play in glasgow at the start of october, i have read the book many times.I am a painter/decorator to trade, this book is known as the painter's bible.Compulsive reading for all painters.Your show was the best bit of theatre i have seen in a decade.I also persauded two painters who had never been to theatre to go to the show,they where mesmerised.I would like to take this opportunity to thank the cast,set,prop and production for a great nights entertainment.Would it be possible to get a list of songs used in the show? lyrics chords etc.