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  • Leni solinger

    We loved the show. It was funny and serious. It covered the politics strongly and sensitively . The music was excellent. It was very imaginative. We were involved in support for the Shrewsbury building workers and were pleased to see their story told. Thank you

  • Amin Mawani

    A great play. The information was brilliantly relayed. As a UCATT member I knew a bit about the Shrewsbury 3. But I learnt a lot more on Thursday 27 Nov 2014. Venue was very good and both the actors well, were brill. Good luck for the rest of your tour. I have suggested friends near Poole to see the show there. Cheers

  • Chris Whitehouse

    Saw the play last night in Peckham, London. Excellent play and terrific performances from the two actors.Very motivating. I've been aware of the case since it happened and read Ricky's autobiography. However, this is a timely reminder of the kind of blatant political attack on the trade union movement that can happen again. Very motivating - I signed the petition, checked out the website, making a donation in the new year and maybe more when I move home in a few weeks. Well done and thanks.

  • Barry Mills

    Fantastic performance of of United We Stand at Peckham tonight.Energetic and impassioned .My wife grew up just around the corner from the actual building site in Shrewsbury .The play brilliantly evoked the political landscape at the time and the establishment conspiracy .Great songs - very funny as well in places.All credit to the team

  • Simon Murch

    Wow! Amazing performance in Sheffield, full of energy and wit as well as political satire! Hope to see you at the NUT conference in Harrogate?

  • Neil Wells

    "Enjoyed very much the play and an interesting education
    of the events in 1972. I can not remember these events in the play but other things in n,ireland were in the news at the time.
    However, I think the play may be improved by mentioning the details about the lump ( self employed no N.I. no income tax no health and safety, no job security). I knew about these things but many of the younger audience may not have known. Despite this it is very powerful play and also very entertaining play."

  • Les Gassor

    Watched in Blackwood South Wales Monday. Brilliant acting by William and Neil they are also fine singers and musicians. Highlights the lengths that all Governments will go too in repressing the influence and power of organised labour. It's a shame on New Labour that they did nothing to address this injustice when in power. Good luck to the Shrewsbury 24 campaign.

  • Kathleen O'Marah

    Saw this production at Colwyn Bay and thoroughly enjoyed being educated and entertained by the 2 talented,enthusiastic actors/musicians. Came away feeling inspired and uplifted in spite of the injustice of the story.

  • Jean Margetts

    Fantastic night in Marsden. Loved the music, singing, staging, fast-moving and clever acting. A young girl in the audience told me she awarded your show 1000 out of 10 and that's what she put on the chalk board if you wondered what that meant. Thanks a lot

  • Afallon Manley

    My friends and l have just seen United We Stand at The Little Theatre in Rhyl. I cannot thank you all enough for this wonderful production. We were privileged to have seen what this meant to Ken O'Shea, who was so astounded that someone had gone to the trouble of writing a play about the Shrewsbury Pickets when we first told him about it a couple of weeks ago. It is so important that we remember what people have sacrificed for the good of their fellow workers. Well done to everyone involved and good luck to the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign in their efforts to turn over the unjust prosecution of the 24 building workers. In my career as l nurse, l have had first hand experience of the consequences of the lack of proper Health and Safety enforcement in the workplace. Diolch yn fawr iawn to all those involved in this memorable piece of theatre, especially Neil Gore and William Fox, and all the best for your future productions