Joint-venture-booking with Mikron Theatre Company

posted 11 Apr 2012, 07:16 by Beci Hill   [ updated 14 Jun 2012, 06:07 by Louise Townsend ]
We've been discussing the possibility of a joint-venture-booking with Mikron Theatre Company at their base in Marsden, West Yorkshire.  It would be great to achieve this as both Rod and Neil worked there together 20 years ago and toured for two years in "Imogen's War", Mikron's wonderful show about war-time women boating volunteers and in the third of the 'Luddite' trilogy, "Spirit of the Age'. The show will be at the Mechanics Building on October 5 2012 - will keep you posted and go see the Mikron website for their shows in 2012. 

Regretfully, Rod will not be in the show then as he will be touring with a show from His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen at that time. 
Fine Time will be there, however, and he knows the venue well as he has performed there with his one-man show, "Richard Matthewman" and with Interplay Theatre Co., that were based in Leeds.